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The practical purpose of the business valuation is to provide professional knowledge needed in business management. In the valuation process, we use experience accumulated since 1996. Thanks to it, we are able to better identify the key factors affecting the market value of the valuated entity.

Our practice shows that the business or trademark valuation is the most common application in the M&A processes, transformations and tax optimization.


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What are the strengths of SIPEX in company valuation?

Kancelaria SIPEX, taking advantage of the experience of our team, performs valuations at every stage of the company’s life. We carry out valuations of developed companies, start-ups and liquidated entities. We have experience in income approaches, where the value of a company is determined by its ability to generate future income, as well as in asset-based approaches (valuation of assets and liabilities) and market approaches.

Our team consists of specialists in various fields. We are economists with experience in preparing analyses of risks in business transactions (including credit risk). Our team also includes specialists in the field of construction and technical equipment, who have experience in valuations with asset-based methods. We are also court experts.

Our projects in the scope of determining the value of business entities range from small business activities, local companies, to large public and private companies (specialist hospital in Katowice or medical equipment factory in Żywiec).

How does the valuation process looks like?

Determination of the valuation purpose

Preparation of information needs

Data analysis and preparation of valuation

Valuation report and customer support

What do I receive as a part of the company valuation service?

Results of work on the company valuation are presented in the form of valuation report. It contains formal and legal part, industry analyses, analysis of the company and result of the valuation. Information contained in the report is provided in a way that is accessible and easy to analyze. We always indicate the sources of data used.

Finally, in addition to the very value of the valuation object, the Client receives systematic information on their business. This information can be helpful in taking new management decisions.

This valuation service also includes customer support. Each valuation report is prepared in accordance with the Accounting Act and International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC). The work according to recognized standards gives customers comfort when presenting the valuation before the court or tax authorities.

However, our support begins already at the stage of preparing information for valuation. We support both the collection of historical data, as well as preparation of budgets and projections. All this to ensure that the final report is reliable and convincing.

How do we valuate the business value?

Income methods

Asset-based methods

Market-based methods

In what situations is the company valuation useful?

Our practice shows that the need for company valuation occurs most often during:

  • purchase/sale transactions (mergers, acquisitions, withdraw/joining a partnership)
  • restructuring and transformation of the form of conducted separation activity of the Organized Enterprise Part
  • liquidations
  • financial reporting processes (e.g. impairment tests, determination of fixed asset value)
  • tax optimization (e.g. valuation of trademarks and other intangible assets)
  • prepared liquidation of the so-called pre-pack
  • private-investor test
  • lawsuits

What exactly are the services provided by Kancelaria SIPEX?

Below is a list of services:

  • valuation of the enterprise value, report, organized part of the enterprise
  • valuation of company shares, valuation of company value, valuation of shares in a limited liability company
  • valuation of trademarks, brands, intangible assets (including know-how, trade contracts, patents and others)
  • valuation of financial instruments, futures and options contracts
  • balance sheet valuation of assets and liabilities

Najczęściej zadawane pytania (FAQ)

How long does the company’s valuation process take?

How much does the business valuation cost?

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